MatchPeak strives to best enable sports clubs and organisations to reach their full potential through the use of media production as well as performance & data analysis.


Buying expensive equipment, hiring new staff and having to learn new software costs valuable time and money, our services solve all of these issues.



Jay Karabel
Managing Director 
Josh Karabel 
Head of Operations
Sarah Makki
Head of Media & Communications

Josh helped pitch the concept of MatchPeak to a panel of leading sport executives and has previously held roles with a high degree of varied responsibility. He currently oversees matchday activity ensuring that all operating procedures are undertaken correctly and assures full client satisfaction. 

Jay has previously been involved with sales and commercial development both at Oldham Athletic F.C and Manchester Giants. His main responsibilities are; product development and innovation as well as customer generation and relationship management.   

Sarah excels in both internal and external communication strategy. Her current and previous workings include; media production at BBC Sport and football development at Manchester FA.