In recent years, media production and performance analysis has been extensively integrated into the professional sporting landscape, with significantly less resources being available to the lower levels of sport.


This level of resource is leading to an increased disparity in standard between professional and semi-professional sport in the UK. Our services are catered to solving this industry issue.

The availability of transparent, objective data reports, underpinned by professional video coverage, is key in solidifying a sport coach's philosophy and vision. 


Sports coaches who are spending a significant number of hours coding data and reviewing gameplay, in order to identify 2 or 3 key themes of performance, are using their time and expertise inefficiently. 


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MatchPeak facilitates this whole process and eliminates the need to pay for equipment, software and more importantly your time. With us, coaches are now able to extract information relating to key themes of performance within minutes, instead of hours. We don't just sell data, we sell time. 

The need for instant video and data analysis feedback is becoming a necessity in the dynamic sporting environment of today. If interpreted correctly, it can provide a major competitive advantage over opponents when it comes to game day.